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Every day, research uncovers new information about medical conditions and possible treatment therapies.  All prescription medications which are approved for use have gone through the clinical trial process.  South Florida Medical Research conducts clinical trials and research studies to help uncover these new,  innovative medical treatments.  We have been involved in research for over twenty years.

By participating in clinical research studies you not only contribute in the development of a new medication (which may help with your own personal condition), but it may also play an important role in helping thousands of patients worldwide who suffer from the same or similar ailment.

Volunteering to participate in a clinical drug study is one of the best ways you can add to the understanding of diseases which  affect you or someone you love. Medical research helps the medical community and medical scientists and physicians to gain greater knowledge about  various diseases and their treatments.  While some research studies may offer cutting edge treatments never before tried, others may only be looking at how effective one drug compares to another one.

By being a volunteer in a study, you are the most critical link in a long chain of research and testing in the drug development process.There are many benefits to you of participating in a study.   Not only do you receive expert medical treatment during the trial at no cost, but you also gain knowledge and a better understanding of your condition so you might be able to manage it more effectively. By volunteering in a study you are taking an active role in your own health care.

Each year, millions of people throughout the world volunteer to participate in clinical research studies.  It takes time and committment and is a brave and selfless decision.  Your contribution to the medical community can bring a sense of pride and personal fulfillment.

We at South Florida Medical Research applaude your readiness to volunteer and partiicpate in our research efforts.  For more information on how to participate in one of our studies or to learn more about our programs contact us at: Info@southfloridamedicalresearch.com   We thank you for your contributions to medicine and our community.

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